What is FAB?

Frontline Arts Buffalo seeks to support frontline arts and cultural organizations in Buffalo in our transition from conditions of precarity to viability. We are a collaboration among artists, arts administrators, engaged citizens, justice advocates, and policy researchers.

We want to call attention to the work that frontline arts institutions have done in the past and continue to do today. We maintain communities, contribute to society, and create culture, often with very limited resources and public recognition.

We want to engage the public in conversations about how to support these organizations and advocate for the importance of funding them in an equitable and sustainable way.

Planning for Change

As we begin this process, our first FAB Actions are to:

  • Conduct community forums at the four core institutions: the African American Cultural Center, Locust Street Art, Ujima Company, and El Museo
  • Collect and preserve oral histories in video interviews with key figures in frontline arts organizations, past and present
  • Collect and document archival material relating to frontline arts organizations
  • Record personal stories and memories from community members involved with frontline arts organizations
  • Create a website hub for information about frontline arts organizations
  • Analyze and publish our findings as a resource for future activities and campaigns

Stay tuned!